Our Stroopwafel Bakery

Our stroopwafel bakery in Billings, Montana creates handmade Dutch treats. While stroopwafels are our specialty, Caramel Cookie Waffles makes a variety of European desserts and specialties. Each item created utilizes traditional recipes. Curious about our many offerings? Check out our selection or give us a call!

Our Stroopwafels

Special irons create the unique, thin cookies that stroopwafels are known for. Our stroopwafel bakery oven, brought from the Netherlands in the 1980s, is still in use today. This oven uses flame-fired irons to give Caramel Cookie Waffles a distinct baked flavor. After baking, employees carefully add our special, homemade caramel by hand. The process is complete when the stroopwafels are carefeully packaged and ready to be shipped directly to you.