About Us

Born and raised in Utrecht, the Netherland’s, Jan Boogman grew up enjoying the country’s cookie of choice – the stroopwafel. He also grew up running track and, as luck would have it, eventually all that running led to Jan meeting a girl from Montana. Though Judy grew up a world away on a ranch outside of Roundup, Montana a shared love of track and field and good food was all it took. The two were inseparable from the start.

Wanting to bring the delicacy of the stroopwafel to America, Jan and Judy began making the cookies on an antique hand-iron at local festivals and fairs. What began as a summer gig in a 10×10 foot booth, evolved into a storefront. Selling their distinctive Caramel Cookie Waffles on 17th Street, they began adding more items from soups to pastries to sandwiches. Today, Jan and Judy proudly serve a variety of baked goods, soups, sandwiches and imported items along with their signature Caramel Cookie Waffles in the same store where it all began.