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A stroopwafel is one of the most popular cookies from the Netherlands. Created by pressing a delicate vanilla and cinnamon dough between flame-heated waffle irons, the thin cookies are split in two and filled with a rich caramel. In the Netherlands these treats can be found at nearly every bakery, market and grocery store. Caramel Cookie Waffles are handmade in this same tradition.

Originating in the Dutch city of Gouda, the first stroopwafels were made in the early 19th century. It is said that the first stroopwafel was created when a baker sweetened leftover breadcrumbs with a thick syrup. The cookie caught on quickly and within a few short years bakers across the country were making their own stroopwafels.

Today the stroopwafel is a Dutch staple often enjoyed for afternoon tea (we suggest setting it atop your cup and letting the steam warm the caramel inside). Our Caramel Cookie Waffles are made in this tradition utilizing a closely guarded recipe passed among a select group of specialty bakers. When you enjoy a Caramel Cookie Waffle you’re experiencing a taste shared by generations.