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Lynn Silbernagel Art Show
at Caramel Cookie Waffles

Caramel Cookie Waffles is proud to announce it’s latest art show currently on display.

Our latest art show at Caramel Cookie Waffles features contemporary artist Lynn Silbernagel. Always fascinated by color, Lynn’s love affair was strengthened fulfilling her school supply list at the local Woolsworth where she annually begged her mom for the largest box of Crayola crayons available.

Lynn’s creative endeavors began while growing up in Minnesota. She recalls spending countless hours searching for forms and shapes in the clouds above her and believes that influenced her love of abstract paintings by discovering objects in those clouds that others may or may not see. She fondly recalls making homemade playdough with her mom and watching with amazement as the white flour-paste dough would be transformed by color as they added food coloring to take the stark white dough into red or blue dough and the magical excitement of combining the two primary colors to make a beautiful purple. She loved Mr. Rogers and dreamed of living in his neighborhood. One of Lynn’s favorite quotes from Mr. Rogers is, “The child is in me still and sometimes not so still.”

It is that inner child that influenced Lynn to teach in the kindergarten class after obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. It is through this experience of observing and teaching her five-year-old students that helped Lynn remember the creative moments of her youth and the importance of painting simply for the joy of it. She does so in her own paintings with pure abandon, focusing simply on the beauty of the color and her love of mixing colors to create newer, more exciting colors. She loves the idea that her abstract, color-infused paintings can be whatever the viewer needs them to be in that moment in time. She does not want to restrict the piece by telling the viewer what it must be, instead letting them decide what it is and how it makes them feel. She does desire that the viewer find a sense of peace while observing her paintings and that if they are experiencing any sadness, that it be alleviated, even if just for that moment, while they are viewing her works of art.

Lynn’s work can be found in Montana at Toucan Gallery in Billings as well as Carbon County Arts Guild in Red Lodge. Her paintings also are displayed in a myriad of private art collections throughout the United States.

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